Good mobile applications development

Our team develops nice and high-quality products. In order to make a project well it’s necessary to have an excellent knowledge in programming, web-design, know everything about servers. If you don’t have even one of these elements, you’ll get an inactive app. That’s why each of us works hard with a great responsibility and diligence. We want our results of job make us proud of what we are doing. It’s possible when the projects are high-quality and the team consists of professional workers. We create different applications and promote mobile apps and websites.

We’re proud of our work results

We propose

Mobile applications creating

any complexity

3D-models development

realistic graphics

Websites creating

good-looking, modern, fast, adaptive

Mobile applications promotion

integrated approach to the projects promotion

Complex Internet marketing

Analytics of effective advertising medium and adjustment

Websites promotion

The internal and external optimization

Partners about us

All of us try to achieve success in our common cause. We’re happy to work together. Being a leader I’m glad to know team guys share my life and job values. I like that we have no unsolvable problems, and my workers create new interesting ideas realizing such plans into reality. I feel we generate something right and useful.

— Anastasia Radchenko, the director of recruiting agency

About NastMobile’s team and pricing

We’ve been developing mobile apps more then for 4 years. The projects were created on Android and iOS mobile platforms. Our programmers specialize on complex and interesting projects. These products include game applications, restaurant and taxi services, apps for companies, designer galleries, radio, useful projects for leisure.

he price of the mobile apps development depends on complexity and functionality. Usually project value ranges from 300 $ (24000 RUB or 8000 UAH). In any way our products have loyal and adequate pricing.

We develop applications that based on Java, Angular. Our workers use new technologies for accelerated development on HTML 5, JavaScript.


Also we focus a big part of our attention on web-design. The staff includes artists, 3D-animators, visualizers. Both of apps’ parts (functional side and visual decoration) are made at the highest level.

Our guarantees

  • High-quality and effective app development for you on Android, iOS, Windows platforms including:
    • — unique, individual design;
    • — comfortable and thoughtful functionality;
    • — using modern fast and stable systems for apps development;
    • — project integration into popular social media and appstores.
  • Server part development, being responsible for information processing and storage, can be based on different languages. It depends on ultimate goal and includes Node.js, PHP, Yii, Kohana, Symfony, Laravel, Backbone, AspNet.
  • The quality of the finished project is checked by experienced testers.
  • Individual administrative panel, creating for apps filling and management, makes products support easier for you.
  • Adaptive applications for different screen resolutions of phones and pads.

Information for investors

If you’re looking for high-quality projects to invest money in, our company is the one you need. Experienced workers, excellent results, wish of the professional growing and vast variety of interesting and useful projects are the main advantages. We’re sure our apps can bring us and you, of course, a good profit.

Our team

руководитель компании NastMobile Anton Founder IT-company, leader

— I want our projects (applications, web-sites and another works) bring you usefulness. We try to solve each your problem, show you the most effective and economic solutions.
The credo:Always hold a hand on pulse of the modern technologies. Always evolve.

Olya Olga SEO

A specialist who will help to promote your site to the first places in GOOGLE.
The credo:Success is 10% of talent and 90% of perseverance.

Olya Lubov Internet marketer

Responsible for the development and implementation of the strategy of online promotion of companies and lidogeneratsii.
The credo:What does not kill me makes me stronger

Nelya Nelya SEO

— Scrupulous attitude to the task is conducting an in-depth analysis of the site. Develops a detailed concept of promotion.
The credo:Even the smallest detail is important.

Lena Helena Designer

Just a genius of design. She loves to create and loves her work, which means she gets an excellent result.
The credo:Be among the best designers!

Sergey Sergei Chief Programmer

A person who can solve any problem. Rich experience behind him — allows him to realize the most non-standard ideas of our Clients.
The credo:Quickly, qualitatively, adaptively, universally, on time.

Ira Irene Front-end developer

A person who can solve any problem. The rich experience behind her — since 2006 in IT — allows her to realize non-standard tasks.
The credo:The main thing in life — go ahead, progress and never stop!

Настя Anastasia Front-end developer

— Purposeful, hardworking. With the code on you.
The credo:Always in search of non-standard solutions.

Vanya Ivan Front-end developer

Writes a valid, code-friendly, adaptive, clean code (html5, js, css3) Pixel-to-pixel layout.
The credo:Everything should be in accordance with design.


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